Knowing about your brain can help you appreciate all it does for you–and it can help you understand the benefits of learning to boost cognitive performance with brain training exercises at BrainHQ. Browse the resources below to learn more about how your brain works, brain facts, and some other things you can do to keep it in shape.

Everyday Brain Fitness

Your daily lifestyle affects brain function. Learn about how to supplement your brain training with everyday habits and choices that are good for your brain.

Brain Foods and Brain Healthy Nutrition

Find dozens of brain-healthy recipes created by top food bloggers, plus in-depth information on how nutrition affects brain health.

Brain Science Videos

View our collection of videos about brain plasticity and neuroscience topics.

BrainHQ Webinars

Learn more about BrainHQ and how it works by watching webinars showcasing the program.

Brain Science Podcasts

View our collection of selected podcasts with Dr. Merzenich and others about brain plasticity and neuroscience topics.

Fun Brain Teasers

Your mind can play tricks on you! Boggle your brain and see how you stack up with this collection of brain teasers and tricks.

Cool Brain Facts & Myths

How much do you know about how your brain works? Do you only use 10% of your brain? Find out here.

Recommended Brain Books

See our favorite books about the brain and neuroscience, and read a short review on each book.

Image Gallery

Check out our collection of images on brain anatomy, the visual system, and the auditory system.

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