BrainHQ has more than two dozen brain-training exercises organized into six categories: AttentionBrain SpeedMemoryPeople SkillsIntelligence, and Navigation.

Choose one of the six categories below to learn all about each exercise in that category, including the scientific principles behind them, the cognitive skills they challenge, and the exercise task.


Brain Speed


People Skills



While we have organized the exercises into these categories, the truth is that many of them overlap. For example, an important component of creating strong memories that are easy to remember over time is attention. When your brain is able to pay attention to the nuances of what you see and hear, you create a clearer, more detailed memory. Brain speed is equally important: your brain has to be fast enough to keep up with all the details coming in to record them clearly instead of hazily. So if you want to remember better, the Memory category is a great place to start—but you’ll also likely benefit from exercises in the Attention, Brain Speed, and other categories.