BrainHQ is the widely acknowledged leader in proven scientific research

BrainHQ is the result of years of effort by leading scientists from around the world, who have given their input and energy to create a distinctive, rigorous approach to brain training. Perhaps even more importantly, many exercises in BrainHQ have been proven to change cognitive function in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers. These changes include better memory, faster processing, and sharper attention—but they also include more confidence, safer driving, happier mood, better health outcomes, and other benefits for everyday life. If you’re evaluating brain fitness programs based on evidence of efficacy, there is simply no comparison—BrainHQ has them all beat.

Why BrainHQ Is Effective

Find out what makes BrainHQ unique among brain-training programs—and how these design differences make it the most effective brain-training program available.

The Proven Benefits of BrainHQ

BrainHQ exercises have been proven effective in hundreds of scientific studies. Taken together, these studies show that BrainHQ rewires the brain, which sharpens cognitive function–which in turn improves everyday life.

Hundreds of Published Studies

For the scientifically minded among you, here is a list of the published papers on the benefits of BrainHQ.

The Only Program to Meet All Institute of Medicine Requirements

In 2015, the Institute of Medicine issued a five-item checklist to use to determine if a brain-training program is scientifically proven. See how BrainHQ meets all five.

Science Team & Research Partners

Many dozens of scientists and other experts have contributed their ideas and energies to build and test BrainHQ’s exercises.

Conduct a Research Study

We often get requests from researchers who want to use our brain research training technologies and exercises in studies. Choose this option if you fall in this group.