We love to form partnerships with organizations—large and small—to bring effective brain training and novel assessments to the world. Choose an option below to learn more about the types of groups we often work with and how to partner with us.


Clinical practices use the UFOV Assessment and BrainHQ to measure and improve cognitive function, for driving safety, auditory processing, visual awareness, social cognition, and more. Learn more about how your practice can use these tools.

Health Insurance

Multiple Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans offer BrainHQ as part of their benefit. Using BrainHQ in these plans has been proven to improve outcomes for their members—and lower costs. Learn more.


Would you like to offer BrainHQ brain training to your patrons for free? Libraries across the U.S already do so. Learn more about how to join the program.


Being the best at a sport isn’t just about physical performance. The brain also has to be performing at its best—seeing a ball in your peripheral vision, reacting in mere milliseconds. Many amateur and professional athletes use BrainHQ for mental performance. Learn more.

Residential Communities

Most residential communities offer courses and classes for physical exercise. But what about brain health? BrainHQ has been proven to improve brain health for better cognitive function and quality of life. Learn more about BrainHQ in residential communities.

Military and Law Enforcement

Cognitive performance is as important as physical performance for today’s military and law enforcement. Being your best in a conflict means performing your cognitive best—and brain speed, attention, and working memory are crucial to that success. Learn more about how BrainHQ can make warriors even more effective.

Adult Education

It’s never too late to improve yourself—and your brain. Some of our most wonderful partnerships are with adult education facilities that help to educate adults on brain health and train them using BrainHQ, for better health. Learn more.


Hundreds of research groups are using BrainHQ in their studies on brain-plasticity-based brain training. If you would like to conduct research using BrainHQ, learn more here.

Centers of Excellence

We are partnering with leading academic hospitals and research institutions that seek to learn more about how directly delivering brain training can improve outcomes for their people. Learn more about these projects.

Other Group Type

If you don’t fit one of the categories listed above, please contact us for help.