Helping Your Community with Better Brain Health

Imagine offering your library patrons the benefits of BrainHQ training with the ease of checking out a book. Posit Science, the developers of BrainHQ, and Demco, the leading library services provider in the United States, are working together to bring brain training to libraries all across the country.

Using BrainHQ at Your Library

Serve Your Community: Make BrainHQ—the leading scientifically-based brain training program—available to your library patrons at no cost to them. BrainHQ integrates with your electronic library management system, allowing your patrons to check out a full version of BrainHQ—with all of the benefits and features normally offered only to paying subscribers – directly from you.

Expand Online and In-Person Programming: Offer online brain training to your patrons—BrainHQ can be checked out from your ELMS and used by your patrons in their own homes, on their own computer, tablet, or phone. Offer online classes on brain health (with support materials from BrainHQ), or get people together for weekly check-ins and support.

Improve Technology Literacy: Use BrainHQ as a unique and compelling “starter app” to encourage your patrons to learn to use the web or their tablets/smartphones. Offer in-person “get started” classes, or let your patrons take advantage of BrainHQ’s live webinars and online help to get started with an online program.

Report on Activity: Download aggregate reports on library patron usage. Preserve patron privacy—reports describe the activity of your patrons as a group, without personal identifying information.

Meet State and Local Goals: Deliver services that help your town, city, and county meet your state and local goals for serving seniors with specific programs relevant to their interests and goals. Make your library a brain healthy library—programming that taps into one of the top interests of seniors, who are among the most avid users of library services.

Proven Benefits for Library Patrons

Sharpen Cognitive Function: Deliver key cognitive benefits proven in multiple gold-standard randomized controlled trials, including faster cognitive speed, sharper attention, better memory, and stronger executive function.

Maintain Independent Living Skills: Help your patients with real-world benefits, including faster everyday speed, improved instrumental activities of daily living, better mobility, reduced at-fault auto crash risk, improved mood, and higher health-related quality of life.

Get BrainHQ for Your Library

If you represent a library, you can arrange a BrainHQ demo from Demco. Just follow this link to Demco’s website, and get in touch with a Demco representative.

If you are a library user, and you’d like your library to offer BrainHQ, we can help you help your library get BrainHQ for you. Just download this letter that you can send to your library that explains the benefits of BrainHQ and how your library can offer it.


Libraries Using BrainHQ

Many libraries in the United States currently offer BrainHQ for free to their patrons, including Orange County Public Libraries, Nassau Library System, and Park County Public Libraries. See a full list of participating libraries with the below button.

Pima County Public Library
Arapahoe Libraries
Nassau Library System
Orange County Public Libraries

Resources for Using BrainHQ at Your Library

Looking for content and resources like brochures, bookmarks, and videos to use in your library with BrainHQ? Find them here.