Training the experienced brain to stay sharp while driving

Drivers who have been on the road for 30 or more years know a lot about driving, and a lot about how to drive safely. But statistics show that after the age of 50, the risk of having an automobile accident grows and grows – until experienced drivers are at as much risk as teenagers fresh behind the wheel! How could this be? Well, if you’re an experience driver, you know it’s not because you don’t know know how to drive safely – you’ve had decades of experience with safe driving. It’s because the brain changes over time – and in ways that make it harder to notice hazards on the road quickly, and harder to take the right action to avoid those hazards in time to avoid a crash.

Visual Edge
Steer Clear

Brain training can help. By specifically improving your visual speed and attention, the exercises in Drivesharp train the basic brain skills of experienced drivers- giving you the brainpower to stay sharp at any age behind the wheel..

The most important cause of moving vehicle accidents in experienced drivers is when a driver doesn’t notice a hazard in enough time to take the action that their experience has taught them is the right one. A common report from experience drivers is that another vehicle (or bike, or pedestrian, or child) “just came out of nowhere” and there wasn’t enough time to react.

We’ve taken this core science, which has been developed over decades of university-based research, and built them into a fun and engaging on-line brain training program. When you train with Drivesharp, it’s not like a driving simulator – you already know what it’s like to drive, and you know the rules of the road. Drivesharp takes a different approach – think of it as a workout for your brain. If you go to the gym and work on a rowing machine, or do arm curls, you get broad ranging physical benefits far beyond rowing or curling – like weight loss, cholesterol improvement, and overall fitness. Drivesharp works the same way – when you use the program and train your brain with the hazard signs, flying tomatoes, paint cans, cars, trucks, and national parks, you get broad ranging brain benefits far beyond those specific things – like quicker reaction time, improved ability to avoid crashes, and overall safer driver skills.